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Arbuckle mountain fried pies



    The famous Oklahoma fried pies started out as a simple recipe south of the Arbuckle Mountains, in the small town of Springer, Oklahoma.  Maude Pletcher’s recipe was handed down and perfected with her nine children and other farmers and ranchers that frequently visited their home.  In 1954, one of Maude’s sons, E.W Pletcher and wife Lola, bought the property where the Davis Arbuckle Mountain Fried pies shop is currently located. Many developments began to change the landscape as I-35 was built which made this a very busy traveling corridor.  Texaco leased the land and built a filling station in the early 1970’s. Eventually, the lease ended and E.W. acquired ownership of the station and land once again.  Difficulties began to mount in the station as business was tough. Ace Pletcher (E.W’s brother) asked if he could place a Cattle Company restaurant in the struggling station in the mid 1980’s. Remembering the memories of their mother’s fried pies, they placed them on the menu and began to sell the famous fried pies. Ace eventually moved onto another business and the station changed into a convenience store.  E.W.’s son, Jerry and wife Diane Pletcher gained ownership of the little station and began selling his grandma’s original fried pies once again.  Business began to flourish as they turned more attention to the fried pies.  Over the years, many fried pie flavors were added and they began expand the business.  Now more customers can enjoy the iconic “Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies” in Oklahoma and other surrounding states.  

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